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update! I archived my Instagram, see a previous iteration of me here!  (note it's a bit buggy on phones)

My name is Ella. I have been online for a little while now, maybe you knew me once as 1fidelity or 3lla. or kitty-winslet. Before I tell you more about me, I want to ask you, please, if you see or if you know of my friend River I desperately want you to call me. I am still looking for them. Ok so, today I live and work from DARP, an artist community and resident program in an ex-Steiner school that I co-founded and facilitate. We live by harmony and autonomy, song, love and light. I am most interested in roleplay and playing together right now. I run a one-on-one performance game under the guise of a date. A simulated date if you will. You are always welcome to play with me. I made a commercial for it. It is a pre-roll advert on YouTube but you can see it here... I keep a drawing archive of both digital and analog drawings. With my friend Jaana, I share an OnlyFans page. It is a place for performance and sharing digital media we make. Here is a preview of our free fungible thing With my friends across the ocean, in the USA, I collaborated on these two projects: NoPaint and Whistlegraph. I'm not so involved with them right now (...artistic differences...) but they are still part of my world. Once I started a gallery out of an e-cigartte shop, it was called 650mAh. We did some good things. I really like designing systems for people to play and practice in, with me or without me. And I like to work out with people how they can make those systems for themselves. The world is getting funny. Everythingissoquick. We are so high concept and so shiny. The internet makes it hard to breath. I hope we can slow down together and remember how to love our bodies.

Love, Ella ❀ ➳

p.s please keep AI out of education

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